A B C's of Buying in this market

A B C’s of Buying a Home Today

Markets change and now we are in a stage where homes are staying on the market an average of 60 days.  The average would be les but the home builders list a home months before it will be finished.  So you need to be ready so that when we find you the home you want you can buy it.

  1. Approved.  You must get approved for a home loan now.  Offers with approval letters are far more able to be accepted.  Even if you are a cash buyer get us your proof of funds so we can present that with your offer.  Even if you are months away we have several lenders we trust who can get you approved so when the time comes you are ready. Also, you will know what your payments will be.  

  2. Be Looking. We can set you up so that the newest listing gets to you as soon as they are listed.  This market will not wait for you - you (with our help) have to be steadily looking for the home you want, in the area you want, with the amenities you want and in the price range you need.

  3. Contract Now. If a home you want shows up you have to do a contract as soon as possible. When a listing agent gets offers for a home they let the agents they will present it to the sellers. And the sellers need to know that if they accept the offer it will go to close and the seller will get their money.  You must make an offer as soon as you find the home you are looking for.

Sometimes the home you want may be a little more than you had budgeted.  Remember this. At 6.5% interest $10,000 higher price is only $63 a month.  Don’t lose the home you love over a few Thousand Dollars. 


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